Tedology: aka Ted (2006- April 2010)


 Ted is the old man of my collection and was given to me by one of them tyre-changing garage places round the corner from where I live. He was my first training tyre and is the only tyre to have traveled in my suitcase to New York and was one of three tyres to complete the Pen-y-fan horseshoe. The following lists marathons he has completed: – New York marathon (Nov 2007) – Town to Tring (40 miles) – (Feb 2008) – London marathon (Apr 2009) – Bedford Clangers (27 miles) – (Mar 2010) – Bath Beat (26.5 miles) – (Apr 2010)Has been featured in the Columbia Spectator however has now been retired from long events and lives with TyreGirl2 helping her with her “running lean”.