#52 Richmond Park Marathon (17 May 2015)

Before the Richmond Park marathon, Nepal had a couple of hard hitting earthquakes (7.8 magnitude) that caused widespread devastation. One amazing friend talked about how her company was able to get her out. She was a lucky one.

Close friends who had visited the place and climbed the famous Mount Everest posted several pictures of what had happened. Below is one that has been viewed several times.

Large natural disasters are always surreal. Mother nature’s force is surreal, reminding me of a time when I experienced and watched the ice lift, fall and grind in the Arctic ocean. We live in a world that we should co-operate and need to look outside of what we own and our effect on our environment.

It was great to read of some climbers who voluntarily gave up their aspirations of climbing Everest so that the Sherpas could go back to Nepal and make sure their loved ones were safe or to bury them! http://www.alanarnette.com/blog/2015/05/06/everest-2015-season-summary-summits-dont-matter-2/

It was also sad to read of other expeditions, focused on their own challenge and the amount of money spent, that they still wanted to continue with their expedition. Thankfully China closed the season early forcing everyone to get off the mountain.

As countries came to Nepal’s aid, it was reported on countless friends’ feed about the corrupt officials that were focused on themselves rather than the good of the people. Villages were collateral damage in order to get aid.

So what has all got to do with Richmond Park Marathon? Having Nepalese friends and knowing that there were honest vigilante groups who would take aid directly to villages the government refused to help. These would be villages, that as you trekked in the region would welcome you with open arms, I decided to #RunForNepal. I’ve never been to Nepal but they always seem to be a happy lot and of course the Gurkhas have been courageous in our warfares.

Richmond Park marathon is a small local, friendly event held in Richmond Park, Richmond, London and have welcomed me over a number of years. The park is also frequented by a number of cyclists. A common cyclist’s heckle to a Tyre Lady is: “Excuse me. There’s something following you!”………this year it also caused 3 cyclists to have a minor crash as they called out to me about something following me and crashed into the person in front…..cyclists, just like motorists, keep your eyes on what’s in front of you or pull over if you’re going to watch me and heckle me.

At the end of the day, everyone’s kindness raised £200 for a group that went out and administered medicine and provided much needed aid to remote villages.

Thank you Santosh Rai* (RD and helped setup Northala Fields Parkrun) and your group for what you did. 100% went to the cause 🙂

For a full report of the 2015 Richmond Park marathon event, Stephen Cousins did a great report on filmmyrun.com and produced a great video here:

And I have written previous reviews at www.tyregirl.com

Remember to reduce the amount of rubbish you produce by reducing single use plastic as a start to help your environment. Sure it takes effort….but you can kill apathy…..afterall if a lady can pull a tyre in 58 marathons/ultras how much effort are you really putting in?



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