Month: April 2016

The Rome Marathon (10th April)

Overview Event Type: Road/cobbled stones marathon with undulations and clear views of ancient historical ruins. Time limit = 7:30 hours Weather: Started at 10 degs C and went up to 18 degs C. Very sunny but loads of shade from buildings and trees. Expo: Provides an insight to lots of other European marathons as well … Continue reading The Rome Marathon (10th April)

Training Medi (8th April)

8 April 2016 schedule: 4.5 km walk to Ambrit International School to talk at 10am and run around with 7-11 year old children 5.4 km walk with Roman tyre Medi to Palazzo dei Congressi to get race information and gee up folk at the expo 2.5 km walk back to the accommodation ....a great warm … Continue reading Training Medi (8th April)