Training Medi (8th April)

8 April 2016 schedule:

4.5 km walk to Ambrit International School to talk at 10am and run around with 7-11 year old children
5.4 km walk with Roman tyre Medi to Palazzo dei Congressi to get race information and gee up folk at the expo
2.5 km walk back to the accommodation

….a great warm up for the marathon 2 days later.

First school talk to 7-11 year olds.


Gotta say, I loved talking to this age. This is the age where everything is possible. It really is a place many “grown ups” need to get back to.


I asked: “What do you want to be?” So many had ideas, but the wonderful Nina put it so succinctly what so many in the room thought and so many us need to find: “I don’t know what I want to be, I know that I just want to be me!”

We think we know who we are and yet we can forget who we are are and become what society wants us to be. Or we can drift through life never allowing ourselves to grow as we hold ourselves in a safety box with so many stifling “I can’t” boundaries.

More people need to challenge those boundaries and say “I can try”.

Anyhow back to Medi’s training. What happens when you roll a pledge tyre into a playground?


What happens when a racing tyre joins in?


Everyone wants to join in!


And then we have loads of races….


Yah to the school yard Tyre Races!


Medi has proved herself in the school yard runs.  We will be back to check on how “Pledgy” has got on.

At the expo – Medi was unstoppable


….sucking up signatures from 12pm-8pm


Medi was ready for the Rome marathon and her puller now needed a rest…..


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