#60: Cranleigh Boundary Trail Challenge: A Tale of Two Minds

With Martin and Drue


Event Type: Trail with some short steep hills and undulations.
Route: Signage mostly on ground with biodegradable paint + trail markers. Some smooth trail and other parts lumpy, bumpy and boggy.
Time limit: None
Weather: 25 degs C. Bright and sunny.
Goody Bag: Finishers medal.
Check Points: About 5km; 10miles; and then 3 more after.
Scenery: Forests; bluebells; a couple of big birds (Kestrels?); rabbits; cows; sheep; horses; farms

Tyre taken: Drue
Our Finish time:

Walking the Parish Boundary is also known as beating the bounds. It is an ancient custom still observed today in many English parishes. Cranleigh Boundary Trail follows the parish boundary.


Our mental attitude can adversely affect out performance and that mental attitude is not just about the on-the-day attitude, I have noticed it includes the immediate build up to an event.

Someone who is confident generally stands more upright and this can only promote a positive flow of mental psyche in one’s own body. This posture helps the individual tune into the good vibes of the world. Just look at how NLP works.

With the Rome marathon, I had an overall positive build up to the marathon even though I may not have slept wonderful the 2 nights before the event. My mental attitude had kept everything positive throughout and the body felt great after. I could have run another marathon immediately after.

Cranleigh was a different story. 2 weeks leading up to Cranleigh marathon, I had become overwhelmed with stuff happening. My postural positions became tired and I hunched when I sat down. Perhaps this continued my negative thoughts about everything, adding to the “down” feeling that I struggled to push aside.

I contemplated not doing Cranleigh marathon. A week before, Brian reminded me about my participation and Uncle encouraged me on. My housemate asked me how we would do in the marathon and my response…..”with my frame of mind it is going to be 8 hours or so, unless I can change my mind”.  Sure for women “changing one’s mind” should have been an easy thing to do. I weakly attempted to do some visualisation 2 day s beforehand but could not.  I would use Cranleigh to reconcile my head.

I forced myself to get over to Cranleigh in the morning and met runners who were interested in Drue. I tried to speak positively on his behalf and struck up a good conversation with Josh and his gang of two from Barnes Runners. Someone asked about a route description. I said it would be well marked. Josh laughed and said knowning his luck, he would probably still get lost!

Cranleigh Parish Boundary Challenge 2016

The local pastor (or rev?) blessed the event at the start. Thank you pastor.

Wrong Turns: Blame it on Josh!

Paying Attention

The positive chat with Josh had charged me up and I was nicely in front of the walkers until I could no longer see them behind me. Within 2 miles of starting, I had taken a wrong turn. I had not observed the markings and after @ 300m of running in the wrong direction I was turned back by some kind fishermen.

Once back on track, 3 walkers had overtaken me. I would make sure we would be in front of them after the single lane track ended and soon again I could no longer see them. Later a lady runner overtook me. She had taken the same wrong turn but unfortunately had not been redirected. She had lost sight of the main running pack when she had to do an emergency tree dash to reflect on life. She was still pretty calm and positive. The markings were pretty frequent and I reminded myself to pay attention.

Unseen Arrow

Going up a hill, I took another wrong turn. I continued round the hill for @100m before becoming unsettled about the lack of markings. I returned to the last sign I had seen and @5m from the sign, an arrow was painted in the grass pointing upwards.

Mis-Direction before 10 mile check point

I struggled up the hill and the head was bouncing about the possibility of calling it a day, afterall the RD at the start of the race said it would be no shame to do a 1/2 marathon instead of a marathon as it was a hot day. I struggled to recall the visualisations of Rome but the mind had blurred that time. Reminder, need to practice visualisations more frequently. An hour went by admiring the woodlands and bluebells, listening to the birds calling. There some boggy patches and some downhill but the arrows were all clear. I was still running so can’t have been too bad.

About 9 miles in, a proper sign appeared directing runners to the left and walker’s to the right. It was a joyous long downhill as more positive thoughts started to stream into my head. When I reached the crossroads, I saw the same lady runner who had passed me earlier talking on the phone. She was lost and had gone to the bottom of the hill and found no markings. We decided to explore a 100m of the other 2 possible directions. There were no markings.

Looking at the trail we had both headed down, there were more bicycle tyre markings than foot markings.We needed to return to the sign that we last saw which would have been @1km from the cross roads and go in the walker’s direction. Lost lady runner was struggling with herself. Getting lost saps energy: physically and emotionally. I have come to expect to get lost on trail marathons having found myself off-piste on so many. Unfortunately lost lady had thrown in the towel and walked the rest of the way to the check point, refusing to run even on the downhills.

Josh – am sorry – I imagined having a conversation with you and you saying that you got lost….I laughed….. then cursed and blamed you for us getting lost and had another good laugh  😉

Found My Mind

I decided at that point I would definitely complete in 8-9 hours. I was far more cautious and with the next part of the course having less markings, I dithered at potential route turnings. As for Drue, he ambled along, enjoying being carried over stiles until he got stuck in 4 tall kissing gates. Drue has a 60cm waist and joked that only slim people could live in Cranleigh.

By the end of this event, the endorphines were fully in action and I was a happy Tyre Lady once again despite being lost and being sun burnt. Afterall how can one stay grumpy when the trail has some wide open hill-top scenery and is littered with lots of woodlands and blue bells. This is a new trail marathon and will be even better next year. Now looking forward to Richmond Park marathon.

I didn’t want to do Cranleigh Boundary Trail Marathon, but I’m glad I did. Being quiet, refilling my head with nature & exercise is good for the head!

My Own Joke For the Day
I was asked at the 15 mile check point what was I: a runner or a walker? I responded…….a wunner…..walking runner.


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