#53 Aston Subedge: The Doctor and the Quiet

Group Photo with Reu before she entered the Tardis at the Aston Subedge

Event Type: Costwold some very long steep hills
Route: Trail marathon, following a pretty straightforward paper description + some signage
Weather: Cloudy and quite sunny
At the End: Food and lots of spot prizes (like wine, bottles, and stuff)

This is a really friendly event with gorgeous scenery and some long hills to go down and up and down and up and of course some muddy hills to venture back and forth.

Website: http://www.broadmeadowruns.co.uk/

At the end of my 50th event (the December Double, Nov 2014), I sat on a sofa with a plate full of food, stuffing my face with buffet food Chris had organised for the runners and volunteers.  Mike who I had seen on both days as the mid-way point marshal and at other points was also now resting contemplating driving all the way back down to Southampton. Mike had driven for over 4 hours to support his buddy Chris for his event. Such friendship is so special.

And here we were swapping admiration for each other for different reasons. Having run along the canal for 2 days, Mike suggested I participate in the Aston Subedge in June 2015. I don’t remember the exact details of the conversation, but it probably was something like, “you need a bigger challenge than 2 days of a flat muddy canal…..and we need some entertainment”. ……and that was it, I was entered into the Aston Subedge.


Heading towards the Aston Subedge event day, my head was being bogged down with projects and deliverables. At the end of the day, what do they all mean? Who cares what I have created (programmed) afterall the creation is only a small part in the machinery…….which drives a bigger cog and so on.

Thankfully Mike entered me into the lovely Aston Subedge event that Broadmeadow Runs hosts. I was soo stressed but this was good to take time out from my PC. I sometimes think I should quit work to just focus on marathons, but at the same time, I want to prove I can do it all – work, family, find accepting events, run and develop.

These runs have now become important to take me away from the “every day hum drum” to the “shang shing dragging my thing” putting perspective in life.  Although route finding does add some thought diversions. Fortunately Chris’ routes are fairly straightforward as long as one stay’s mostly focused.

Reu’s Pull

Although I had a 1 hour headstart, other participants quickly caught up as there are a couple of hills to “bounce” up and down. Reu is a 10kg lovie whose treads were telling her that this would be her last race. She’s participated in US events and in 2014, the mayor of Cheltenham had signed his name on her to pledge to reduce his disposible plastic.

Reu is a happy go lucky tyre. She bimbled along teasing the farm animals and I, the puller wondered why I was dragging a 10kg dead weight up hills and over mud. However Reu has some of her grandmother’s animal magic and shows she can “pull” too…..horses, cows, alpacas, sheep….

Spiritual Investments

For the final 7 miles, I was joined by Phil and Kim who decided to move at my pace. Phil gave some excuse about the docs wanting to keep his heart at a suitable rate. We righted the world, wondered about how people’s apathy affects their want to be sustainable and then focused on what marathon/ultra runners gain from spending time out. Here we ventured on the path of spiritual notions and even if a runner is not religious, a runner has spiritual moments, conscious about the world they live in.

Why is this? In order to become aware and understand complex matters, the brain requires moments of nothing-ness. We have surrounded ourseves with so much noise whether that is from sounds, reading, political blah blah that we become easily overwhelmed. This was our spiritual enlightenment and we merged into Albert Einstein’s reflection

“The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind.”

Scientists and spiritual leaders are similar in allowing themselves to be absobed by “the quiet” to open up the unconscious to allow a free flow of new thoughts and ideas to surface to the conscious.

Try it

Find a day (or 8 hours) in your buzzing world of busi-ness to step away from the internet/TV/mobile/people telling you stuff, to allow your mind to reflect and meander into the unconscious streams. If you cannot find a day then enter into an event that will force you time away. Broadmeadow Runs or the LDWA have great prices and a nice feed at the end.

As for Reu, it is farewell to her as she enters into the next adventure in her tyre life.

Reu’s one last wave before checking in to see the Doctor
Thank you once again to Mike for his most excellent encouragement; Chris for organising a great event with awesome prizes as per usual; the Cotswold for the great scenery; Phil for his tales of tree houses and his passion for sustainability; and of course the lovely Reu – may you have many more adventures.

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