All I Want For Christmas…

All I Want For Christmas…

….is peace and goodwill for the planet.  I mean when we sing “Joy to the World” are we only just meaning joy to humans and screw the rest? So when Christmas comes along, I find myself in turmoil as I watch the endless mountains of trash generated being thrown out by each household without a second thought of the death it brings to other beings that share our planet.  (At the bottom of this post I have shared some thoughts about using our presence to bring christmas cheer)

The children go in a mad frenzy to unwrap stuff. The only fun part is unwrapping the stuff. For the very young, the best part of the present is the packaging, but they are led away from playing with the boxing and taught that the “stuff” inside is supposed to magically keep them occupied.

And then the packaging, mainly plastic and paper is tossed out. Every society is so poor at recycling plastic. Many of our “developed” countries either give it to another country to sort out for them or burn it.

And some of those countries that the developed nations have sent their trash to, simply dump that trash in some illegal landfill that falls into the ocean.  Our marine life is being harmed and indirectly we harm ourselves:

…yet despite knowing these facts, we can still simply pretend it does not exist and feel it is our right to screw the planet. Unfortunately I can no longer celebrate Christmas the way “everyone” likes to because it is a way of life I have now left. We are surrounded by things. We surround our children with useless things that they play with for awhile, only to throw out a year later.

And as Christmas ends and the New Year comes, we finally dump the Christmas Tree. This was once a life, cut down to be an ornament in someone’s house and then tossed out when Christmas ended.

I have lost the understanding of why we “have” to do something because that is tradition. In this case Christmas seems to be absorbed into another commercial venture of being able to sell stuff to people and us playing the “let’s consume for the sake of it”.

Perhaps I am a kill joy or perhaps we should evaluate our impact more closely. So if you want to give presents this Christmas, please think about the trash that you generate.

Tips to reduce Christmas trash:
– For wrapping paper – reuse magazines, newspapers, old clothes.
– If you really want to “give the children something”, give them time by making things with them and learn with the children to make something – it really is so much more fun and so much more creative.
– Perhaps you can make a Christmas Tree out of something.

Love this site + lots more on YouTube.

And if you do have Christmas Trash, there are lots of craft ideas. Here is a starter site for you:


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