Blowing in the Wind

Blowing in the Wind

My buddy Tess Burrows, a fantastic and giving human being, gave me a set of prayer flags. I’ve not known what to do with them until the 2nd attack in London this year on 3rd June and the 3rd senseless mass killing in the UK this year, signaling more grief, hurt, anger and concern.

Terrorists are in all religions, all races, seeking to create divisions within societies by using terror and hatred. In the last 30 days, we have heard of Islamist attacks in Manchester, Egypt, London, Paris, Iran, Kabul and back to London again.

ISIS are not discerning, attacking any religion including other Muslims.  With being involved in social media, it is harder to disconnect to the senseless bloodshed and hard to ignore people’s emotions.


The Tibetans put prayer on flags so that the prayers and mantras could be blown by the wind to spread good will and compassion into all pervading space and thus bless all beings in the surrounding areas. So my challenge was to find a high point for the peace messages and let the wind propel their goodness over London.

Prayer flags hung at the top of Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill has an amazing view of London and so the mission would be to let them dance in the wind on top of the hill on Tuesday 6th June  into London, with any peace messages anyone would offer. In 2 days, folk sent beautiful words and I fantasized writing these words on Tuesday evening, tying them to the prayer flag line whilst watching the sun set over London.

Tuesday 6th June: Had persuaded a brother to have a picnic with me. As we reached the Primrose Hill, it first began to sprinkle.  As we tied the flags onto a couple of posts, the wind picked up and Chude, a jazz musician student, joined us. He wanted to see a rainbow before going to a meeting.

The Wind tempo increased as well as the rain. Everyone disappeared off the hill except us, reading out the peace messages we had received, as the wind and rain danced around us. Later, we were rewarded with magic: a double rainbow appeared over London.

Wednesday 7th June: As I sat at the top of the stairs of the Peace Pagoda (Battersea Park), sewing peace messages together, people who had seen the bloody conflicts in their respective countries came to the Peace Pagoda wanting to believe it would bring them peace in their heart and mind. People from Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Palestine had passed by to breathe in peace.


And the peace messages fluttered in the wind powered by the Peace Pagoda to send more goodwill over Battersea and its surrounding area. A perfect windy 2 days for sending goodwill over London.

If you are in darkness, may you find light to help you find your way

If you are in turmoil, may you find peace and serenity

If you are overwhelmed, may you find wisdom

If you are upset, may you find compassion.

And may you all have love in your life with a bit of magic thrown in 🙂


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