Planting Seeds

Planting Seeds


Who wants to be a leader of change to heal our environment?

Have met too many apathetic “adults” who believe it is too late, too many in the financial world who seem think we are already heading towards an abyss so why not continue screwing the planet? Why should they give up their easy conveniences to help heal an environment?

Too many “adults” seem to have forgotten that food, water and air security are just as important as making money for themselves, for their children, for those close to them! There were a couple of owners at the FHA last week who told me specifically they wanted to make money first before thinking about sustainability.

Hence it is always refreshing to talk to children because they soooo get it.

Group Session

St Joseph International am looking forward to working with you in the future to bring about change in our world. Just remember be bold with your initiatives, use each other’s skills, find collaborators and persevere. You have the power to create change.


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