#75 Nice-Cannes Marathon: Part 2: The Observational Run

#75 Nice-Cannes Marathon: Part 2: The Observational Run

Merci beaucoup tous le monde pour votre aide. Désolé pour seulement écrire l’anglais. J’utiliserais Google pour traduire.

Two days of campaigning, running around with participants leashed to a tyre and now run day. The thought of waking up at 4:45am to get to the start point meant a restless night. Ah well, if I can complete a 135 miles in 59 hours without any sleep (Arrowhead 135), running a marathon distance (26.2miles) with zero sleep should be simple.

Article on the day: https://www.20minutes.fr/planete/2365107-20181104-nice-pourquoi-singapourienne-bouclera-marathon-nice-cannes-tractant-pneu-10kg

Chasing the Rabbit

bunny dogs

The organisers agreed to start me off at 06:30am (1.5 hours before the official start time) as long as I remained on the pavement until the elite runners had over taken. Uncle would accompany me on bicycle for as much as the route as he could.

Instructions: “Stay on the bicycle path (Promenade des Anglais) until the lead runners have over taken you”

A pre-start is like the rabbit on the track. How much distance could we (me and Teera-Wates) make before the runners caught us? Place your bets.

Route Map

It was expected that the lead runners would overtake at about 10km. My competitive streak kicked in, to see if we could make it to 15km before being caught. Storming along the course, we completed 7km/hr. We were sooo fast, we ran right past the turn off (highlighted in the above route map).

The signs changed from 11km to a 16km mark on the bend. Maybe there was a loop back? Uncle tried to call me back, instead I went over to the check point that was about 50m from the 16km sign. They were directing me towards Cannes…..ahhh the temptation…..

Uncle showed me the map…. We needed to retrace our steps and return to the turn off point just after the 11km mark. Gutted and losing 15-20 minutes, we fought as hard as we could and got to 13km before being caught.

LEad pack

C’est tant pis. Une autre temps.

nephew daughter
JJ’s nephew caught me at about 22km and JJ’s daughter at about 25km

After that so many people thanked me for the planet and for their children and grand-children….so many people motivated me on to continue the fight.

“Bon Courage!”

“Allez allez allez!”

Constant waves of cheers pushed us along especially when the pacer groups overtook.



But one person can only go so fast. Many hands make light work….and on the first steep hill, one man helped to pull Teera-Wates up.

Between 30-35 km, there were more hills. Natalie (a fellow participant) came to pull the rope as did another runner when she was tiring to help me along. Another fellow runner carried Teera-Wates for 1 km.

Collaboration makes light work of the burden of waste.

It was great to have help. Great that so many people want to see change. Great that so many people want to be involved.

The only other time when runners have actively helped me pull my tyre, was in my first marathon in Singapore 2006.

Did the Runners Bin It to keep the course safe and clean?

There were many awesome runners who diverted to put their rubbish in the bins, but as the number of runners ahead of me progressively increased, more litter appeared: tubes of creams, empty gel packets, paper cups and plastic cups, banana skins, oranges, sponges. When the majority of runners had been through the check points, there were times when there was a carpet of litter on the floor (especially sponges), one had to tread carefully to ensure you didn’t trip up.

Along the coast, the wind howled and an angry spirit went through the check point, throwing plates of food and cups on the floor. Cups that had been dropped on the floor were sucked into mini vortexes to be tossed into the bushes or on the beach.

RUNNERS YOU CAN BIN IT! …Les coureurs mettent toujours vos déchets à la poubelle!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Finale

Running End

Completed in 7 hours and 27 seconds and collected medal and t-shirt without packaging + a small food bag with a bottle of water…..well I skipped the food bag and bottle.

And finally a quick look to see if participants understood what the bin colours meant….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now to write a list of recommendations to the organisation and then onwards to the Singapore Marathon to ensure participants Bin It right!

Articles after the marathon: https://www.nicematin.com/course-pedestre/elle-court-le-marathon-nice-cannes-en-tractant-un-pneu-de-10kg-et-le-boucle-en-7h-274479?utm_term=Autofeed&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1541339007



Mentioned in the 6pm news that night.

Have I inspired a nation to focus on the burden of society’s waste?

It’s already on the cards. In 2018, action started when China banned imports of recyclables. The EU has now agreed on regulations that will come into force over the coming years. France will be taxing single-use plastic in 2019, which will most likely be passed onto the consumers. It is up to the consumers to push back to ask for discounts if they BYOR (Bring Your Own Reusable) to places such as take away and shopping. Many coffee shops already provide a discount when you BYOR cup.

Keep It Away From Landfill

Manufacturers need to place a value on disposable resources so that they can reuse packaging to reduce landfill. This can be easily done by providing a small money back incentive to shoppers such as 5cts. There are already furniture & clothing manufacturers who will already take back your items when you no longer want them to refurbish/repurpose/repair and provide a money back incentive.

It is up to our societies to make the norm:

  • Reuse – by supporting organisations such as Freecycle , charity shops or hosting/attending a Really Really Free Market
  • Repair – by hosting/attending Repair Cafes (singapore call’s theirs Repair Kopitiam)
  • Repurpose – allow your DIY creative imagination make use of junk to create something unique. I have reused a bedside table in a bathroom as a sink pedestal, or door handles as coat hooks.

All stakeholders (the organisation, sponsors, and the participants) can be part of the action to reduce the environmental impact of our disposable convenience.

Let’s do it with as many Green Nudges as possible with as much collaboration as possible.

Do let me know if you would be interested in helping Nice-Cannes marathon move towards a zero waste event. Either send me a DM via Twitter or Facebook the Tyrelady




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