Low carbon, zero waste Running Journey: Choose Your Poison (2/2)

Low carbon, zero waste Running Journey: Choose Your Poison (2/2)

We’ve dealt with the transportation but what about the rest of living in the modern world? I wanted to know how to categorise my greenhouse gas emissions.

Greenhouse gases in different countries (NB Singapore is similar to the UK but slightly higher)

Before you read on further, am only learning about green house gases and have so far learned that measuring green house gases is a complex subject matter especially where there are different types of gases that create a warming effect. So if my understanding looks simplistic and basic…..it is!!! Hence in my previous post I asked you:

Question: What are the top 4 greenhouse gas generating sectors and in what order?

I asked my knowledge buddy and www said to me it is different depending on the country you are based in. For example if you lived in Ireland, Agriculture would be the biggest greenhouse gas producer followed by Transport, Energy for heating/lighting, Residential. If you lived in California, this would be Transport, Industry, Electricity, and then Agriculture. Wiki says the following:

Ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greenhouse_gas

Since am travelling in the EU, thought it would be good to look at the EU greenhouse gas emissions as a whole. Found this chart and noting that between 1990 and 2014 the bulk differences are in power and transport, thus I assumed between 2014 and 2019 that would continue to be the same.

Ref: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2300396016300799

I will be using these sectors to understand my own personal “CO2” emissions for this journey.

Fuel combustion refers to energy for our cooking, heating, lighting & electrical appliances. I will probably have a phone for GPS navigation & lights if I have to cycle in the dark. Will bring a small solar panel that I created with the help of a course from a permaculture organisation. In another life, if I were more organised and was a lady of leisure, I’d like to have a portable solar cooker / wind cooker that would fit on my bicycle.

Transport: This was dealt with in part 1 in my previous post.
From the previous post, the ferry is out for me and have been told sailing or rowing a boat over is not possible. So my next best choice will be Le Shuttle as the journey is short from Folkestone to Calais. Have noted that the Netherlands is now running their trains on 100% wind energy: https://brightvibes.com/443/en/all-dutch-electric-trains-are-powered-100-by-wind-energy-saving-143b-kgs-c02-emissions?fbclid=IwAR3RXU0QcqlBkPUiAhgdAbpV5jz9ByCa2Xpz9mNb53bnpNRvOC65wTzXlwk Too bad my journey spans multiple countries that still have coal fired power stations. Am some point I will have to see if the golf club up the road will let me have their golf cart to convert into a solar powered vehicle.

Tourism is estimated to contribute about 10% towards global warming (https://www.independent.co.uk/environment/tourism-climate-change-carbon-emissions-global-warming-flying-cars-transport-a8338946.html)

Industrial processes and product use: Purchasing second hand / preloved items should reduce items being manufactured. Stuff is just way too cheap (like fast fashion) that fuels our throw away society.

I hear folk telling me be vegan because it is friendlier for the planet. But is it?

All foods produce green house gases. The fertilizers from growing crop release methane gas; the animals release methane gas; all consume water and require transportation so I am confused. This science article in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition indicates between the diets, a plant based is better for the planet compared to a meat based diet: https://academic.oup.com/ajcn/article/78/3/660S/4690010?fbclid=IwAR38j3E4MAbt9ykJtI3B4-Kx2nyCBQey7m8JuccaouRzSFOQeXsK3Lc-6fA So plant based it is!

Waste management is the fifth largest, so me going zero waste on this journey should pretty much wipe that portion out. But going zero waste really means minimising waste. I will collect all my waste for this journey and as much as possible find second hand stuff.

For the Bicycle:My friend has lent me her father’s bicycle and his panniers. I will need to change the tyres and have opted to purchase new puncture resistant tyres. I will also be carrying spare brake pads, a puncture repair kit, a couple of new inner tubes. I will also need to purchase lights (still under investigation) and a pair of padded shorts if am unable to find second hand / preloved.

Other Stuff: Having done lots of camping / hiking – I have all this gear. But as I want to go light and leave the tent at home, so am considering to bivvy and sleep out under the million stars.

Hey EU – am still not understanding why you are encouraging more burning of our resources with Waste to Energy Incinerators?

Here is an article that might help you understand your carbon emissions better by relating it to how much you’ve screwed the world: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/03/travel/traveling-climate-change.html?fbclid=IwAR1KIWbq0WCxoCIhcJEVnSqcZsl0I9JT9A8em1mFNXFBoz3KPv5PzezdvwQ

Ever Wonder Why Else We Should Care About Global Warming?

So we know that millions (humans and animals) will be killed by rising seas; temperature extremes; wild weather…. and what else? The UK is experiencing warm summer -like weather in Winter. Everyone says nice. But ever thought what the invisible consequences are? Perhaps a warmer world causes our atmosphere to be thinner….

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