Join Me in a Low Carbon, Zero Waste Diet for the next Two Months or at least for Lent

Join Me in a Low Carbon, Zero Waste Diet for the next Two Months or at least for Lent

There are a number of folk asking to sponsor me, instead will you go on a Low Carbon, Zero Waste diet with me or at least for Lent?

For those who really want to sponsor me, I raise funds for EarthWatch

Like a heart disorder about to grip us, Climate Change although known is so easily dismissed. Companies went crazy ensuring they were Y2K compliant when there was a threat to BAU (Business As Usual). However, how many are rushing to see they are Climate Change compliant? 12 years will be gone in the blink of an eye, and climate change is too subtle for most of us to notice except it is either colder, hotter, wetter, drier….with lands flooding and people dying. But do we really care? ….As we strive for more convenience, more disposables, more time on the internet, would you wear more clothes in order to turn down the thermostat….. or we can we allow our bodies to adapt for those in warmer tropical climes and therefore have the aircon on at 25 degs C?

Can we and companies do a 180 degree turn around to be Climate Change compliant? Can we be low carbon if not for the environment, can we do it for our children and future generations? Otherwise what is the point? Will you go low carbon for 2 months with me?

Climate Change Campaign

Children campaigning for climate change in Switzerland

Children Campaigning for climate change in Australia

Children Campaigning for climate change in Brussels

Children campaigning or climate change in the UK

There were many more places around the world with children campaigning.

But I just found out that two of my web searches are equivalent to boiling a kettle of water. That means 7g of CO2 generated per search! Dang!

One final thought – did you know your usage of the internet could be just as carbon polluting as flying?


Because we have been doing baby steps for 30-40 years and time is running out fast. Perhaps you might at least try to give up on single-use items and BYOR and will look at low carbon options before you purchase.

My nieces have told me to plant more trees……great if I had a plot of land to do so…..but there is sooooo much more all of us can do. Do refer to my posts on Choosing Your Poison part 1 and part 2

I will try to release tips on here, twitter (TyreLady) and maybe Instagram (TyreLady2016) if I see some nice photos.

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