No Turning Back / No Backing Out

No Turning Back / No Backing Out

The last week has been hard days. Hard because of an affliction that creeps up on my face periodically for the last 4-5 years, striking me down at any time. It began as some sort of skin irritation on my left eye which I thought was conjunctivitis & treated it as such. A burning rash developed that went over some months and just as I began to get my courage up to see the GP, it began to heal and went away. However it has been making an appearance each year and 3 years ago I did manage to see the GP who prescribed some stuff & said it was eczema. After applying ointments, taking anti-histamines, treated it as a fungal infection and took antibiotics, the dermatitis did not worsen but did not improve and so I did not return to my GP. However I have observed the condition worsening when it does return. Over the last week it has ravaged the left hand side of my face and now appears to be striking on the right cheek. It is angry, red and burning. After the inflammation the skin looks like dandruff. It is depressing to feel this helplessness.

I was depressed with my poor skin condition so I went out for a 4 hour cycle training ride last night. I wondered if I REALLY wanted to spend sooo much time getting somewhere & then having to deal with my skin conditions (I also suffer from eczema). My mother has been trying to persuade me to give it up; folk who want me to do work for them think I should only go one way and return faster (by plane); others think me crazy.

But it occurred to me, my poor health is like those that suffer from disorders like diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma and others. It is like we are all facing the consequences of our inaction on global warming on a micro-scale.

  • We experience the warning signs but simply ignore it, hoping that the symptoms are a blip in our health.
  • As the condition worsens we tell ourselves it will go away, because taking any other action will mean we need to compromise our lifestyle and change.
  • Our doctors give us pills as a remedial actions that will allow us to continue the way we live. It reduces the symptoms, but never anything really meaningful. All we then experience, are worsening health symptoms over a longer period of time and a feeling of being overwhelmed by those symptoms. (I know there are some great GPs who actually tell folk to make lifestyle changes and help them make those changes)

The times when the symptoms have reduced significantly have been when I have proactively drunk more water & gone to bed earlier! At the same time I reduce eating inflammatory foods like carbs / sugary stuff (cakes and biscuits). But like an addict I will return to my own poor lifestyle with so many excuses.

Similar to Greta Thunberg, as a teenager growing into a young adult, I could empathise with my planet. Unlike Greta Thunberg I used to be quite depressed about it and at one point cried a lot. No one could understand me. After some weeks I decided to cry no more and simply live.

Greta Thunberg has eloquently put across the thoughts of so many including myself. And though I would like to hide away as this rash tries to suck away my confidence, I will persevere for her and the living beings on this planet. I cry no more

We need to look past the symptoms, and address the root of the problem – our lifestyle. Our energy demands to have convenience is killing our world and we have allowed corporates to tell us we want more. See my posts on Choosing Your Poisons as well as

Wake up to the consequences of our inaction

Just as I will need to compromise on how I live in order to heal my own symptoms, we all need to compromise on how we live if we want to reduce global warming that is killing species around the world, reducing food supplies, and more. Our world can heal just like our bodies, but it requires us to be proactive instead of blaming governments and corporations & instead of saying “I do not have time”. We are integrated into this environment and we, the people, have the power to create change to go beyond our current convenience and easy lifestyles. I am happy to see our societies are finally awakening.

Thank Irene & Mujalonga Sul Mer for their post. I will be at your events. Am sure there will be many more times I will want to give up. But there is no turning back. I will continue on with moving forward towards cycling 2000+ miles to highlight low carbon zero waste actions we can take.

Next post: Low Carbon, Zero Waste – First Steps


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