#79 Cambridge Boundary Run (10th March): Be a Change Maker

#79 Cambridge Boundary Run (10th March): Be a Change Maker

Change Makers Gathering

Website: https://cuhh.soc.srcf.net/boundary-run/
Weather: Started wet and miserable, very windy
Check points/Aid Stations: Fruit, biscuits, sweeties, squash / water
Marshals: Always fantastic
Course Marking: Nearly excellent – just one or 2 places that would need an arrow or tape to indicate direction after the half way mark.

This event is run by the Cambridge University students and overall it was a great event. Though the weather had been foul, a squad had been out beforehand marking out the course.

At the start the winds blew, swishing pellets of water around. An ethereal sound of bag pipes played to raise the spirits and push the cloudy gloom away.

As runners, what could we face?

Thatched cottages, ducks and swans along the river, villages, plenty of cyclists, muddy fields that was doable with a pair of road shoes – can’t complain at all.

At times a nasty head wind came that pinned me to a fence!!! And then the words of my Aunt came into my head “you need to put more meat on!!!”

The only thing that really marred this course, were runners who dropped their gel tabs and packets (and the occasional cups) on the ground, next to rivers, in the fields…..grrrr. Animals are not discerning about what they eat.

Gel packets & tabs picked up along the last 4.5 miles of the course

Had a discussion with a marshal (Jane) at the last checkpoint who was curious about the tyre and about what can be done. She made me realise how bad I was at this event. Normally I have picked them up, but was so concerned about not making the cut off time of 7 hours, so I went on by. In the last 4.5 miles picked up 7 packets and 2 tabs that were in the grass, along the route, or tossed into a bush!

I did manage to complete within 7 hours (6:53 on my watch) and had a group of change makers waiting for me at the end.

Hope the next lot of change makers who run the committee make this event cupless and litter free by request runners to BYOB & put their litter in the bin or keep it on them. Change makers can make change for the good of the environment and the community. Ref: How to Develop a Cupless Event

A final word by Dr Jane 🙂

Thank you once again to everyone involved who ran this event, to the marshals that waited and to the American lady and another gentleman who threw some coins into the bucket. £2.10 raised for EarthWatch

Back to training for my epic cycling journey + runs in Italy and Geneva. https://tyrelady.wordpress.com/2019/02/04/a-low-carbon-zero-waste-journey-from-the-uk-to-trieste-and-geneva-back-again/

Thank you to all those who have sent me a private message about my rash concerns. The skin on my face has improved a lot since forcing myself outside to face the world. Think it just needs more water and more vit D.


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