#86: Singapore Marathon 2019: The Interview

#86: Singapore Marathon 2019: The Interview

This year I’ve learned that my media skills needs improving. It’s been an extremely busy 3 weeks with very little sleep including the night before the marathon. Topped up with running around like a headless chicken the whole morning and afternoon before the marathon started at 6pm, ensuring stuff was ready for the end village. Was working with the Green Nudge volunteers at the pre-event village when the friendly and exuberant presenter Charlotte Mei requested an interview. I thought yeah – I can spread a zero waste message….but the brain wasn’t exactly working well. As some of the Green Nudge volunteers will tell you, I couldn’t quite remember words when trying to communicate the plan.

Setting up the post-event village

What I Said…

During the interview had to concentrate quite hard to make sure my train of thought was focused. Here’s the interview…. on my part pretty bland responses and at the end looked like I couldn’t wait to get out!… which was probably true as I needed to speak with the team before going in for the run.

What I Wanted to Say:…

If my brain hadn’t been so fuzzy, here’s what I’d liked to have said:

Charlotte: Tell me more about what The Green Nudge does…

Me: Green Nudge helps to raise awareness about waste and tries to provide solutions to reduce the amount of waste generated in organisations by all stakeholders that includes the organisers, sponsors, vendors and the participants themselves. For example we have been at the expo for the last 4 days, including today, educating participants about actions they can take to reduce their own impact and waste generation by bringing their own cup/bottle/hydration bag plus putting all their rubbish in the bin during the run to keep the route safe and clean for all runners to enjoy. We’ve also talked to a number of vendors about ideas to reduce the amount of flyers they push into people’s hands….and we’ve got our work cut out with the organisation and sponsors.

Charlotte: …Tell me more about this tyre…

Me: If I can pull or carry a 8-10kg car tyre for the whole marathon, put my trash in the bin, carry my own water bottle and refill the bottle at the hydration, then what excuse do other runners have to play their part in keeping the course clean and safe for all runners behind them as well as putting in some effort to reduce the resources required to create events like these? As runners who enjoy a great environment let’s do better than a PB time.

CBD Runners supporting more sustainable runs

Charlotte: …What can runners do to reduce their impact?

Me: They can start to think low carbon, zero waste. Since Singapore has announced a climate emergency then we all need to play our part to reduce our carbon emissions. The easiest way is to think Zero Waste – that is Reduce, Reduce, Reduce – as reducing the waste you generate in the first place will reduce carbon emissions from production to the waste management after. To start off, runners can think of a single-use item they can give up such as a disposable cup in the marathon event itself and move onto disposable bottles, disposable cutlery, etc in everyday life.

Charlotte: …What do you hope to see at future marathons?

Me: That marathons – meaning organisers, vendors, sponsors and participants – take our waste generation more seriously especially when our world is beginning to show signs of having a stroke in response to our continued irresponsible usage. We all have a part to play to create more sustainability in all environments and can easily start with a running hobby like the Singapore Marathon.

Oh well. Need to learn and move on. Thank you Charlotte for the opportunity to speak out for conserving our resources and waste reduction.

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