Virtual Runs and Litter

Virtual Runs and Litter

March 2020

As lockdown time continued, my long runs dwindled to long walks to encourage others to maintain their fitness and to overcome fear of Covid. My neighbour had refused to come out of her house for the first 2 weeks of lockdown, so I coaxed her out to explore places that lacked people and to smell the fresh air and dance amongst the exciting vibrant colours of Spring. How wonderful it was to roam.

The government guidelines were we could go out once a day for exercise. There were no restrictions though some thought you were only allowed out for 1 hour due to one of the MPs thinking that was long enough!

As run events were being cancelled and there were people fearful of meeting anyone in case they caught Covid19 passing someone on the street. My brother mass run events cancelling, an opportunity to slow down and reflect required to reflect and rethink. NHS staff are all on stand by for a rise in Covid cases end of September and into the Autumn months when flus and colds start to rise but hopefully there are more people taking precautions to circumvent another blow up.

Fighting the Lockdown Fat

During lockdown, one of the club members from my local running club created a virtual league run where we ran against each other by trying to best our own 5K times, trying to beat someone else beating their own time was a great incentive to run hard. After all the only time I’ve run hard has been after a hockey ball or a rugby ball. However I hadn’t realised how slow I had become by not doing either sport for the last 5 years.

Here is my final run to get into the 25 min club, encouraged by Shane, one of the club members.

Inspired, it was time to travel round the world to enter the Gold Coast Big 4 and get rid of this lockdown fat.

Of course during the month, had also decided to organise the eco-festival for my church which required loads of sitting down in front of a computer creating content. So much for an easy life.

During the Gold Coast Challenge I decided to litter pick for each event and picked up loads of litter along the 5km, 10km, 21km and 42km events. Below is me raging on about litter along the riverside and nasty cigarette butts.

It is always about the challenge and seeing how we can engage each other to fight for the environment we love. Covid19 has made so many reflect and see how nice fresh air smells; how much better it feels with less traffic on the roads…. and what if that could continue beyond Covid19. How can we design the new normals in our community? Can we redesign the way our communities live?

And now on for the next challenge of writing up posts!!!

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