24 Hour Marathon Eco-Challenge for the Environment

24 Hour Marathon Eco-Challenge for the Environment

Pre-Covid – many small marathons and ultra marathons had been organising their runners to BYO (Bring Your Own) reusable refillable drinking vessel, and I had been working hard to get a large mass event of over 20,000 runners to BYO similarly and to reduce the litter escaping into our environment. Two particular large marathon events had been leaning towards waste reduction and improving their sustainability:-

  • Nice-Cannes Marathon (22,000 runners) – in 2019 had 50% of their water hydration points cupless. Runners who wanted to use those hydration points had to have their reusable cups/bottles ready to refill. This event is normally held in November
  • Singapore Marathon (50,000 runners) – for the last 3 years has allowed me to campaign to bring a message to the runners about waste reduction as well as began to install initiatives to reduce waste in their event. This event is normally held in December.
Nice Marathon

2020 was supposed to be the year when Nice-Cannes Marathon was to have gone completely cupless and for runners to BYO (Bring Your Own) reusable cup/bottle/hydration bag and the Singapore Marathon was to introduce further sustainable actions to reduce litter and waste….. but alas neither will happen this year. I hope both will do it when they get back to organising a physical event as it will be so much more hygienic for runners and support the Zero Waste movement that both France and Singapore have now committed to be part of.

However I still want to do something in 2020 to support them. Singapore Marathon will be organising virtual runs and augmented reality runs (the first that I know of) but has not listed a virtual marathon run.

See https://singaporemarathon.com/

I was planning to do a litter picking marathon run and plant a tree or two….when a video caught my attention. Beau Miles, a mega cool Australian chappy decided to run a mile an hour up to 26 miles, after completing his PhD, and see how many other things he could do within the hour after his mile. Read his blog below:

Otherwise if you have about 17 minutes spare, watch his film.

From Beau’s video am totally inspired to do a copy cat 24 hour marathon for the environment for Nice-Cannes and Singapore. As I live in suburbia in a town in Runnymede, my mile route is going to vary. Also pulling a tyre ain’t gonna be popular with my neighbours during the night, so am going to leave me tyre at home. and focus on actions to reduce all waste with:

  • Rethink
  • Refuse
  • Reduce
  • Repair
  • Reuse
  • Repurpose

Let’s see if there is zero waste to recycle or put in the bin to the landfill by the end of my 24 hours.

Singapore Marathon

And just for a final bit of competition I might as well see if I can beat the number of things Beau completed. So will be checking in with my neighbours and fellow church members to see what needs to be done. I’ll be the Handy Lady around town 😉 I’ll try to tweet, instagram, facebook as I go along and of course will blog about it after. Maybe some of you will join me in your own area during the weekend of 4-6th December to highlight environmental causes.

Preparation List

If anyone wants to donate money for my madness, am still raising funds for EarthWatch


and have moved my 100 marathon/ultra marathon with a tyre completion to 2022. I had completed 86 events by the end of 2019 and will not be counting any of the virtual events I have done into the pot. Not that I have run many virtual marathons this year.

Otherwise how about encouraging wild life back into your neighbourhood. Join Naturehood to find out more.

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