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Preparing to Let Go

I wore my bicycle clothes for almost 56 days, and when I returned home on the 26th May, I continued to put on my cycle clothes until I finally unloaded the bicycle and began the clean up 3 days later. You might think my clothes stunk. Here is a clip after arriving in Trieste 22nd … Continue reading Preparing to Let Go


Low Carbon Zero Waste Challenges

Overview My job for the next 2 months will be to go as low carbon as possible with little waste generated and attend 2 running events on the 27th April 2019 at Trieste, Italy (Mujalonga Sul Mar) and 12th May 2019 at Geneva (Geneva Marathon) to be their sustainability development ambassador as well as to … Continue reading Low Carbon Zero Waste Challenges

My Low Carbon, Zero Waste Cycling Buddy

My Low Carbon, Zero Waste Cycling Buddy

James was 4 years old when he took me by the hand, left his parents and ran the last mile with me over the finish line during a marathon! Today I received a letter from him to take "Flat" him around with me. So now I have buddy who I can share my journey … Continue reading My Low Carbon, Zero Waste Cycling Buddy