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Personalities of tyres


Introducing Big Bluey

Big Bluey has been around since end of last year. Big Bluey is a dedicated 5K racing tyre, promoting BYOR to reduce the amount of disposable plastic trash, supporting Sky Ocean Rescue mission and #5ThingsClear

This is Big Bluey’s story:

For anyone wanting to pull Big Bluey you will need to pledge to reduce your usage of disposable/single-use plastic with a BYOR attitude.

You can also donate to EarthWatch, a charity that Tyre Lady supports:



Introducing “Free-Us Blod”


Drue has now officially retired and “Free-Us Blod” takes over as the marathon/ultra event tyre.

Drue has served well and came onto the scene in June 2016 at the Seabank Marathon.

Drue’s final race was Race to the Kings. The flint in the area cut up Drue’s treads as well as Tyre Lady’s sandals! So Drue now clings to anything protruding through the ground.

Drue also completed:

  • Richmond Park Marathon, 2017
  • St Illtyds Trail Race 50K, 2017
  • Cheltenham Circular Challenge, 2016
  • Richmond Park Marathon, 2016
  • Cranleigh Boundary Trail Marathon, 2016
  • Monster Marathon, 2016
  • Race to the Stones, 2015

Total distance completed = 489.8 kilometres

Currently Drue is helping other runners improve their running technique. May Drue enjoy retirement.

May Free-Us Blod bring much happiness and inspiration to others to reduce their disposable plastic usage.


The Birth of Medi

8th April 2016: Ambit International School.

Once upon a time, Italy was an amazing empire that intertwined nature and technology.


But in the 1980s apparently a time bomb of radioactive toxic wastes was sunk into the Mediterranean Seas. In the 1990s, Naples’s untreated municipal waste was found dumped into sites that are leaking toxic waste into the ground water and back into the seas. The effects of toxic waste on humans in the Campania region has been under investigations. And even recently waste management had been a hot topic in the news: See Reuters


The Council of the Roman Gods had a pow-wow about the errant ways of societies within their beloved Italy. Some of the Gods heads fell off as they could not believe the irresponsibility of the trusted.


Minerva devised a plan and got the Rome Marathon to allow the Tyre Lady into their marathon. She called for a tyre called Medi to go to Earth to highlight the problems that are affecting the Mediterranean Seas.

The problem is that Medi neither has legs nor wings and could not guarantee to roll down the mountain where the Gods lived. Minerva called for the Discus thrower to plant the image of Medi into the minds of Eilidh and Annie.


DiscusMedi And so Medi came to Eilidh and Annie in a dream and soon created Medi to represent the toxic waste that is a time bomb waiting at the bottom of the Mediterranean Seas. They want the Tyre Lady to tell everyone that we can be responsible for our trash by reducing our single use trash. If a lady can drag a tyre in a marathon, we can use a little bit of effort to bring our own bottles, cutlery, plates, cups…..where ever serves plastic!



Medi’s creators passing on a symbol to the Tyre Lady

Rec: Aug 2010 – Aug 2011

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Tamzarina: aka Tam (2007- Sept 2010)



In 2007, Tam was introduced and followed Ted where ever he went when we went out. She did not like to be in the lead. In May 2010, with the old man feeling tired, Tam did her duty and came out on her own for her first event. She loved it and where ever she went she had a smile for all. She has a magical pied piper effect on animals: sheep; cows; horses; dogs; runners……with many runners seemly enamoured by her!

She has completed:
Farthingstone FootFest (26.5 miles) – (May 2010)
– Langport 2 Day Festival – both days 26 miles each – (June 2010)
Fairlands (26.2 miles) – (July 2010)
Two2Go (26.2 miles) – (Sept 2010)

She now does smaller events as the long distance in her treads has been making her feel a little worn.

Tedology: aka Ted (2006- April 2010)


 Ted is the old man of my collection and was given to me by one of them tyre-changing garage places round the corner from where I live. He was my first training tyre and is the only tyre to have traveled in my suitcase to New York and was one of three tyres to complete the Pen-y-fan horseshoe. The following lists marathons he has completed: – New York marathon (Nov 2007) – Town to Tring (40 miles) – (Feb 2008) – London marathon (Apr 2009) – Bedford Clangers (27 miles) – (Mar 2010) – Bath Beat (26.5 miles) – (Apr 2010)Has been featured in the Columbia Spectator however has now been retired from long events and lives with TyreGirl2 helping her with her “running lean”.