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#64 Pisa Marathon Part 2: Beating the Blues


If the elephants can do it so can A-D

Event Type: A road marathon
Route: Starts at 9am. Roads are closed but sometimes drivers will attempt a closed section!
Weather: Started at 0 degs C at 8am. Increased to to 10 degs C by about 11am
During: Water + energy drink; bananas, apples, wafers @ every 5km; some sponge points as well. Too cold for sponges
At the End: A lovely colourful medal
Website: http://www.maratonadipisa.com/?lang=en

17th Dec: Fighting Negative Energy

The plan was to spend some time at the expo, leave the expo at 5pm, eat dinner and be in bed by 9pm.

My buddy had gone off to the Dali museum whilst I tried to convince people to be proactive in their approach to our planet, even in a marathon.

  • The clock struck 5pm and my buddy was no where to be seen.
  • 6pm: stress quickly settled in. Nadia (organiser) kept a positive cool presence and tried her best to help phone my buddy. Unfortunately none of his phones were on.
  • 6:30pm: the internal stress is burning away.
  • 7:05pm: my buddy appears.

When you’re already partly negative beforehand, it is easy to push the whole being back into the negativity cloud.

As I get older, I seem to become more OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) about stupid things. Here was a great example. My buddy had got lost in thought and was out enjoying the Pisa landscape, had made a mistake on timing and all I could be was annoyed at his timing. Lost was the positive energy that exuded from the organisation, and the stressed pre-Pisa emotional brain had returned which affected everything else that night.

Thankfully I have learned that one sleepless night before an event only degrades performance a little. However taking negative energy into an event can screw your want to move forward and has a much higher degradation on performance and mental thinking.

To fight your own demons, first recognise you’re negative. You’ll feel it from that draining fuzziness in your head to the language that you use. Negative language continues negative feelings. For example: using “Not” frequently in sentences such as “I am not being negative” vs “I am positive”. It is easier to say the latter with a smile.

Our language and feelings are all interconnected. Keep your language and gestures positive and I promise you, that negative fuzziness will quickly go away. (reference NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming).

So “Allons-y”

18th Dec: Marathon Day’s Positive Triumph

Some demons are easy to remove by being around positive people.

I had to be positive as teachers and students from Pacinotti High School started with me at 08:30am. I enjoyed listening to their excited chatter for the first 5-10km.


Teachers and Students from Pacinotti High School made “Run with Tyre Lady” t-shirts

I had to be positive as runners passed from the 7km until the 12km mark were constantly providing positive feedback.

Some demons require space, time and nature to remove

When the teachers left me at the 10km mark, I could focus on slaying those last remaining demons in my head once and for all. At points I wanted to weaken, but passing runners in the opposite direction reminded me to keep moving.

At 25km, the tail runners picked me up.

Their positive energy blasted me through. At the last 4km the students and teachers from Pacinotti High School rejoined the happy group. I now had a full entourage to take me home.


As they yelled “Go Lady” there was a song we all sang …..”Laaaayyyyy di…..laaaayaa…go….Lady now you gonna go home…..” Surrounded by so much light destroyed any final embers of darkness…..And for the rest of you, the banana boat song…..to enter into town with us with a joyous sound.

Thank you to Pacinotti High School, the Pisa organisers and the amazing volunteers for their support and to Fabrizio for the use of his photos.

Thank you Pisa Marathon for the positive energy that you exude.

The world is now great and it will take a lot more now to rock my boat!

Time =6:52:22

Total stoppage time on course for photos estimated at 15 minutes


#64 Pisa Marathon: Introducing A-D


16th Dec 2016: Opening Scenes

Signore e Signora, la Signora Pneumatico will be arriving today perhaps a little anxious but let us make sure she knows all is well.

Reflections: Meanwhile back in England, a week before leaving, Tyre Lady aka La Signora Pneumatico  (TL) is feeling stressed. Her alter ego has been sorting out all those mundane normal things: tax, work, not sleeping, screwing up a contract, discovering a leaking roof…..she is not in a happy place….especially with the roof and the builders being elusive!

It is so easy to get into bad moods especially when sleep is lacking. The negative energy particles whizz around exciting other negative particles, and when one becomes hormonal at the same time, a woman can go a little mad! Negativity had settled in TL’s brain.

The day before leaving, TL received a tweet from 1063AD that a tyre had been prepared.


A thrilling red tyre called A-D called out. TL let out a small sigh of relief: Drue and the large suitcase could now be left behind…..and a bit of positivity chipped off some negativity.

Back to 16th Dec: So the plan was to register, find A-D, speak a little and then leave.

TL peeped into the large tent that had a small expo and registration. And there was A-D …..placed on the floor in the middle of a Ricola inflatable arch.

TL coyly says to one of the registration volunteers (RV): “Errr, I think that tyre is for me…”

RV: “Ahh you are the Tyre Lady…..Everyone the Tyre Lady is here”

TL: “Ahh yes I am a Tired Lady……” think the joke was lost as everyone looked at TL as if some major super star had entered. Really she wanted to grab the tyre and run, but the cameras came out and people talked to TL.


Introducing A-D

As she placed her hands round A-D, she was happy it was a smaller tyre than Drue. Knowing that TL wanted a little more work done on A-D, Sergio (organiser) brought out the drill.


Sergio preparing A-D for the Pisa Marathon

What more could a Tyre Lady ask for.

A quick chat with vendors and then time to place some final touches on A-D with a message and for A-D to become a pledge tyre for participants to become aware of what is happening to their plastic trash.


  • A snowman looking for snow with a polysytrene cup on its head, drinking from a plastic bottle.
  • A sea cow (dudong), presented to TL by Sitang from Chanthaburi Marathon, with a plastic bag over its head! Plastic is killing our sea life.

Single-use disposable plastic should be banned!

Hope to see all those who signed A-D at the very least using their own bottles in their next event if they stop for refreshments at checkpoints. After all what are the choices….The Environment or a Personal Best (PB)? Hmmm.

Think reusable and not disposable

Am looking forward to organisers using biodegradeable compostible cups in their next event for those runners too lazy to carry a bottle that is less than 1% of their body weight!

Next write up is A-D’s tour around Pisa.

The Green Ultra Challenge (part 2)

Following on from the previous post….for those looking for the petition see here.

Nerves? Or Negative Mental Attitude?

From August 2015, a sleep disorder has been driving me crazy. I used to think I could make my body move even if I was mentally exhausted. But in Sept 2015 and after another zero hours night’s sleep (from little mosquitos nibbling my face), I was at the start line of an event in Scotland thinking I need to be in bed. I couldn’t even run 3 kms. My head told my body to quit and it did. So I DNFed and it became the start of months of bad running mojo. My July high had swung to the opposite direction. I didn’t want to run.

As the Green Ultra Challenge event date drew near, I became anxious. I was snatching 3-4 hours sleep leading up to the event. 2 days before the event, I was cleaning the top of my water bottle in the bathroom and the drinking nipple part went flying into the toilet bowl……so I pulled it out and set about sterlising it…..Well the toilet wasn’t that dirty, I had only flushed it beforehand! 1 day before and I had a warning headache. On event day “boom”…..that girly thing began. It’s no wonder I’ve been so blur! So I drank a strong cup of coffee to shake up my system….and it did wake up my system right into the night after the event!

At 06:30am volunteers had arrived to go to their stations. I was awarded lucky number 88. Being of Chinese descent, 88 means double happiness, so I bade “bye bye” to my negative attitude. UR 88 – how cool.


The route

So What Are You Doing?


Photo at the start point (taken by the Green Race)

As my first lap ended, some of the participants that were doing one or 2 laps headed towards me. They had started their lap. “Lucky dudes” I thought, “I’ve got 4 more to do”.  I needed to get a move on. Once I had checked in, I immediately turned back out.

More People

The temperature was heating up and there were more people on the trail…..more people to ask me to take photos with them; more people to ask me if they can have a ride – “Sure. It’s a $100 a centimeter. Want or not?” – no takers.


….more people to stop me to ask me what I was doing……”stop the cross rail link coming thru this treasure”….more people to tell me isn’t this hard enough…..”If I can pull a tyre, you can make an effort and reduce your single use plastic” after all the event was about raising awareness of sustainability and a pledge tyre called Peace, a hefty 15kg baby, was waiting at the end point to encourage folk to change their ways (if they hadn’t done so yet).

After all the organisation itself was trying to have a zero waste event with a “Bring Your Own Cup” for drinks.


The long stretch before the Durian Walk

The Other Stuff That Was Happening

1/2 way round into the 2nd lap, I began feeling light headed. I hadn’t been drinking enough. The volunteer at Dairy Farm offered coke. I accepted, mixed it in with my 1/4 full squash and greedily guzzled it down. Then like “Oliver” I coyly asked for more. It fixed me and I gave the volunteer imaginary hugs and kisses.  At this point I decided to walk up the hills!

At 10:00 the sun was sizzling as I ventured onto the long open stretch before reaching the cool canopy of the Durian Walk, but it had to be done.  But I dreaded the 3rd lap even more as the sun would be hot enough to cook the skin.

As I checked in for lap 2, I wondered about sun cream but was distracted by SynTech, a manufacturing company that was at the event creating awareness about keeping Singapore’s water ways clean.

NeWater is reclaimed waste water that meets 30% of the nation’s water needs. SynTech had information about products that we use that pollute our water ways and that we should stop using so that our aquatic life and us stop ingesting plastic and other bad stuff. Microbeads are plastic particles that a lot of popular brands use to help us clean stuff and require very fine filters to take out of the water. If you want to know what other products contain microbeads, check here.  SynTech suggest sticking to products with the Green Label.

It’s 11:20 and I really was dreading the 3rd lap. The heat was affecting me. Not only me but the animals too. Along the Green Corridor, an electric blue snake glided across the path way. I later found out it was a Blue Malayan Coral Snake, and highly poisonous. But it was so beautiful.

Towards Diary Farm, the monitor lizards were running for cover and of course the cheeky monkeys came out to laugh at the mad humans running around in the hot sun.

I thought of Acres, a local charity I run for because I like wildlife and over 90% of the funds they raise goes back to their cause (See Singapore Charity Commission). They rescue all sorts of injured animals or illegal foreign animals that have been dumped at Bukit Timah/Macritchie forests. They will fix the animals up and return them to their country, if they have enough funds. However some are so big, that the expense is unaffordable. Having animals that do not belong to a country can upset the biodiversity. In Singapore the turtles that are in Machritchie reservoir are from the US that were set free by owners and have out competed the local turtles. See here for more information.

Acres want to turn their backyard into a sanctuary for the animals that can never return to their homeland, however unfortunately they had the misfortune of hiring a rogue company that dumped a whole of toxis waste in the area they were supposed to prepare. See Straits Times Article for more information.  But they will forge ahead with that dream.  A number of participants asked me how they can donate to Acres. To support the work that Acres does, you can donate via giving.sg. In the mean time if you see an injured animal whether that is a wee bird/lizard/snake/turtle/what ever call Acres on 6892 9821. You can also link to them on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ACRESasia/

(thank you Abi for your very kind cash donation to Acres)

Home Runs

Checking in for my final lap, the SJI (St Joseph International) students had come to do a litter sweep of the area and collected 2 large bags of litter on the first 5km of the route. This was litter that some may have been accidently dropped by runners, but the majority would have been from people out enjoying the area. After all I had seen a group of guys with cups of coffee walking along the trail and later seen a couple of those same coffee cups on the trail where they had walked. Thank you SJI for cleaning up after everyone.

Speaking of litter, we were given a couple of Lucho Dillitos guava snacks Guava Snack wrapped in a leaf! The leaf definitely protected its contents just like a normal “plastic” wrapper as I had been fully doused with ice water before laps 4 and 5. The sweets wrapped in paper were a little damp but the contents of the Lucho Dillitos was dry! So instead of a gel (and there were a couple of accidently dropped empty packs on the trail), try this instead because dropping the wrapping isn’t as bad…a leaf on the trail to join the other leaves 🙂

Also thanks to Ngee Ann Poly, Bukit Batok Secondary school (your cheers for every lap were awesome), the volunteers who poured ice cold water over us, and all the other volunteers that were out there baking in the hot afternoon sun.

5 laps and 47km completed in 09:12:20. A big thank you to the organisers (Sanmuga/Ash/Farhan) for a well executed 1st event and giving me the time to complete my first event of the year and my 58th marathon.