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Tamzarina: aka Tam (2007- Sept 2010)

In 2007, Tam was introduced and followed Ted where ever he went when we went out. She did not like to be in the lead. In May 2010, with the old man feeling tired, Tam did her duty and came out on her own for her first event. She loved it and where ever she … Continue reading Tamzarina: aka Tam (2007- Sept 2010)


Tedology: aka Ted (2006- April 2010)

┬áTed is the old man of my collection and was given to me by one of them tyre-changing garage places round the corner from where I live. He was my first training tyre and is the only tyre to have traveled in my suitcase to New York and was one of three tyres to complete … Continue reading Tedology: aka Ted (2006- April 2010)