Previous posts from 1 to 50 marathons can be found at The Adventures of TyreGirl:Β  http://www.tyregirl.com

Reaching 50 marathons, took me to the next level….TyreLady

Throughout our lives a sense of purpose gives us life.

Purpose makes us walk on water, purpose can take us beyond what we believe are our limits. The Olympics and events like the 100m has shown us we can break “boundaries”. Explorers see no limits (except when they are ill-prepared and die e.g. Scott who went to the South Pole). Of course there is an equation for failure. My buddy Matty wisely said to me in order to get me to train for a mini-North Pole expedition.

PP = PP …. Poor Preparation = Poor Performance

And it is true. Anyhow that is another story πŸ™‚

In the meantime: To find out who we really are, we need to challenge who we are. The nothing becomes something and the unconscious becomes conscious.

My Purpose is:

  1. To complete 100 marathons/ultras by end of 2020 pulling a tyre
  2. To get communities to consciously reduce their single use plastic by other means over recycling because currently we are pretty “rubbish” at recycling plastics.
  3. To raise awareness of our disposable society by speaking at schools and encouraging organisations

Suggestions as to how to reduce rubbish can be found on my former site. Click here

If you want to give the Tyre LadyΒ  money, you can donate to one of her causes (EarthWatch) at https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/tyrelady

EarthWatch monitors the impact of our actions on our natural world.

Connect WITH ME

To communicate with me: tweet to the TyreLady or Instagram tyrelady2016


2 responses to “About/Contact

  1. Hi Tyrelady
    I have discovered your good self. Good luck with your quest. Do you partake in anti-fracking campaign? My quest is first ultra – see blog. Couch to Ultra. Steve 😎


    • Hey Steve – Thank you for visiting and great challenge. Whilst I don’t support fracking, my focus is just on single use trash. With the events that have happened at the end of 2017 and into 2018, changes are happening worldwide πŸ™‚ Now moving towards the banning of single-use plastic trash and the circular economy….

      May your campaign reach wide circles through education and providing alternatives to open people’s eyes away from their own convenience and their own self. All the best for your challenges TL πŸ˜€


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