Month: March 2016

#52 Richmond Park Marathon (17 May 2015)

Before the Richmond Park marathon, Nepal had a couple of hard hitting earthquakes (7.8 magnitude) that caused widespread devastation. One amazing friend talked about how her company was able to get her out. She was a lucky one. Close friends who had visited the place and climbed the famous Mount Everest posted several pictures of … Continue reading #52 Richmond Park Marathon (17 May 2015)

The Green Ultra Challenge (part 2)

The Green Ultra Challenge (part 2)

Following on from the previous post....for those looking for the petition see here. Nerves? Or Negative Mental Attitude? From August 2015, a sleep disorder has been driving me crazy. I used to think I could make my body move even if I was mentally exhausted. But in Sept 2015 and after another zero hours night's … Continue reading The Green Ultra Challenge (part 2)