Pledge Tyres

Pledge Tyres

Pledge tyres are tyres that people have signed to pledge they will try to reduce their trash, particularly the usage of disposible/single use plastic. Reducing by Refusing, Re-using, Re-purposing and Repairing

They can be found at the following locations:

Khun Krabaen

#15 Nov 2016: Khun Krabaen used in Chanthaburi Scenic Marathon, Thailand
Location = Jungle Bay Resort, Laem Sadet, Chanthaburi
Contact = Anucha or Barry

#14 Oct 2016: Greeny – signed at Green Ultra Marathon, SynTech Chemicals, Ngee Ann Poly
Location = Looking for a home in Singapore
Contact = Tyre Lady

#13 Apr 2016: Medi used in Rome Marathon, Italy
Location = Ambrit International School, Rome
Contact = Monica

Medi was a hit at the Rome Marathon

#12 Mar 2015: Landy used in Richmond Park Marathon, UK. Well known at Bedfont Lakes Parkrun, UK
Location = Looking for a home in the UK
Contact = Tyre Lady

#11 Feb 2015: Lumi used in Rovaniemi 150K, Finland
Location = Lapland Safaris, Rovaniemi
Contact = Julian

Lumi is a snow tyre. She sparkles!

#10 Oct 2014: Fire Tire used in Gandy Dancer, Luck, Wisconsin, USA
Location = Luck Community School, Luck Wisconsin

#9 May 2014: Tyrone, Lancaster, Pennyslvania, USA
Location = Garden Spot Village, Pennyslvania

#8 Mar 2014: Hazel, Singapore
Location = St Joseph International School, Singapore

#7 Dec 2013: Rizzy, Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Location = Paradise Valley High School, Phoenix, Arizona

#6 Oct 2013: Ed, Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA
Location = Mainly Marathons, USA
Contact = Clint

#4 and #5 Sept 2013: Ecuder + Envi, Modesto, California, USA
Location = Gregori High School, Modesto
Contact = Kate

#3 Aug 2013: Lady Suzette, Spearfish, South Dakota, USA
Location = Leading Ladies Marathon, Spearfish
Contact = Elaine

#2 Mar 2013: Big Bro, Modesto, California, USA
Location = Central Valley High School, Modesto

#1 Aug 2011: Rec – completed various marathons. Last one Santa Rosa Marathon
Location:  Santa Rosa, California
Contact: Orhan