Low Carbon, Zero Waste Journey: My Bicycle Plans

Low Carbon, Zero Waste Journey: My Bicycle Plans

On the road to being a Sustainability Development Ambassador for

By Failing to Prepare You are Preparing to Fail…

Benjamin Franklin

…But preparations take sooooo long. So took some shortcuts by checking in with FetchEveryone (great site to log your events + talk about running, cycling, swimming, Dr Who, Spreadsheets, push ups and what ever else takes your fancy) and was redirected to a Cycling UK Forum who have been incredibly helpful and even sorted out a route for me!

Both Fetcheveryone and the Cycling UK Forum have been fantastic with support and advice about anything and everything.

  • Recommended to use Cycle Travel which helps plan your cycling route and takes cycling paths when there is one available
  • Recommended to use Warm Showers. This is like couch surfing for cyclist. Haven’t used it yet so can’t comment.
  • And so much more.

As this is a zero waste journey, it is likely I will on some days just be going raw food and trying as much as possible to avoid packaging. It is likely I will be doing wild camping hiding behind bushes, in trees and under bridges. I will not be planning any accommodation unless desperate and then hopefully Warm Showers or a hotel will have to do. Toilet stops will most likely be in the bushes. Getting clean might be using rivers…

However everyone seemed concerned that I still didn’t have a bicycle as I needed to get some miles in.

My Bicycle was Aurora
She’s a mountain bike
Took her out for a 1.5 hour ride and it hurt in places that shouldn’t hurt.


So I took a bicycle to Reading Repair Cafe
That had been sitting in a garden neglected
Adrian looked and his head he shook

Dawes with Adrian

It’s gonna need some work
If you’re gonna take it some distance
Great if you’ve got the time (maybe later)

So my bicycle is now called Eastwood
Borrowed from a friend’s father who said “do take it on a journey”
“After all it is a touring bicycle”

Eastwood is sleek and fast
Scares me on the downhills
Out for 3 hours, the seat really makes a difference

Eastwood and Chamey

Leaving Date & Other Dates

As for my leaving date…it depends:

  • No Deal Brexit will mean I will leave on 27th March, to arrive in Calais on 29th March
  • Extension to Brexit / there is a deal means leave on 30th March, to arrive in Calais to arrive on 1st April.

After that

  • 25th April need to be in Trieste
  • 27th April run 10K
  • 7th May need to be in Geneva
  • 12th May participate in the Geneva Marathon
  • 14th May return to the UK

Now all I need to do are a couple of test cycles with gear…..gotta get some lights

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